A small company with a shared vision: welcoming Gill Andrew back to the ojo team

Rachel Passmore


It’s no secret that, as a business, our employees are at the heart of everything we do. We’re immensely specific about what we look for in our team. A person can have all the right skills to actually do the job, but to us, a cultural fit is one of the most important things to have.

This is just one of the reasons why we were so thrilled to welcome Gill Andrew back to ojo solutions earlier this year.

We caught up with Gill recently to ask a few questions about her move, experience-base, and why she returned to ojo:

Why have you made the decision to come back to ojo solutions?

After working for a large corporate, I missed the ethos behind working for small company – a feeling that ojo created almost effortlessly.

Quite simply, my values align with ojo’s values. I can make a real difference to the company in my new role as the Consultancy Practice Manager and can help drive the business forward.

The cultural side of working with ojo is a huge draw. Working in a small team where everyone shares the same vision just isn’t something you get in a larger company. It helps that we can have fun while we’re working at the same time!

What do you bring to the table at ojo solutions?

Over my career, I’ve effectively driven clients to achieve the business outcome they need – whatever that need may be.

To prepare a business for change, stakeholder engagement is vital. My coaching, training, facilitation and leadership skills mean I can engage with stakeholders either at board level, or teams working on the floor, to really understand the problems they’re having. More importantly, what needs to happen to achieve a solution.

From my previous role, I’ve gained experience in implementing best practice, agile methodologies, tools and templates in order to deliver a quality service to clients – all tools that will be invaluable going forward.

What’s your elevator pitch for your career to date?

I started my career working in the travel industry before moving into recruitment, but I missed the buzz that came from working on tailor-made round-the-world itineraries for clients.

I later moved back into travel to manage an executive members lounge. From that, I progressed into the training sector, working with oversea reps, airline crew and travel agency staff on soft skills and systems. This experience led me into the learning and development space.

I soon realised that my experience wasn’t limited to just implementing a new solution, but working on the business process, the people and the culture of the organisation. To achieve these objectives, people engagement and communication is key to success.

From here I moved into consultancy for a change management company where I helped organisations improve efficiencies, implement a new solution or manage business change.

More recently, I had been leading a business analysis capability project for a large digital technology company managing a team of business analysts in multiple sites before joining ojo.

What direction would you like to see ojo solutions take in the future?

My strength is building teams and recruiting the right people with the right cultural fit – people who are committed to the same shared vision.

For the future of ojo, I would like to see an energetic, motivated and high-performing team. Ultimately, a team that can support our core focus of delivering technology for charities and other organisations.

One of the best things about ojo is that we make a real difference. It’s my aim to help achieve our long-term strategic goals to provide our clients with real business benefit where it’s needed most.

Welcome back to ojo Gill!


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